I will be posting the readings for the day and for the Catholic followers the paragraph numbers to theCatechism of the Catholic Church. The Vatican has an online version.
“A Rebirth of Conscience must come from...the Light of
Faith in Jesus Christ, Who alone has the Words of Life.”
—John Paul II
*The USCCB has an online bible and the Catechism
*There is a online bible with numerous versions atYouVersion.
I welcome any other offerings as this is meant to be non-denominational and I hope to be respectful to all Christians. I do reserve the right to accept or reject at my discretion. I ask you to do the same.
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September 6, 2010

Day 10 Scripture Reading

Genesis    Ch 14-15       
NAB      You Version      Just1     

Psalms     Ch 10            NAB      You Version      Just1           

Matthew   Ch 7.1-14      NAB      You Version      Just1  
 Catechism                           Paragraph 65-73    65-73


Day 9 Scripture Reading

Genesis Ch 12-13          NAB     You Version     Just1
Psalms Ch 9                  NAB     You Version     Just1

Matthew Ch 6.19-34       NAB     You Version     Just1   

Catechism                    Paragraph   54-64

Day 8 Scripture Reading

Genesis      Ch 10-11             NAB       You Version      Just1   

Psalms       Ch 8                     NAB       You Version      Just1

Matthew   Ch 6.1-18             NAB      You Version      Just1 

Catechism                              Paragraph   50-53

August 28, 2010

Day 7 Scripture Reading

 Genesis               Ch  8-9             NAB       You Version        Just1

 Psalms                Ch 7                  NAB       You Version        Just1

 Matthew             Ch 5:21-48        NAB       You Version        Just1

Catechism            Paragraph          39-49

 You will notice I have found another online bible source. Each of the options have different user friendly options, I hope you find one you like using. You Version and Just1 also offer iPhone apps.                      

August 24, 2010

Day 6 Scripture Reading

Genesis          Ch 6:9-7:24         NAB     You Version

Psalms           Ch 6                    NAB     You Version

Matthew         Ch 5:1-20            NAB     You Version    

Catechism                                Paragraph  31-38

Day 5 Scripture Reading

Genesis        Ch  5-6:8                     NAB      You Version

Psalms         Ch  5                           NAB      You Version

Matthew      Ch 4                            NAB      You Version

Catechism                                       Paragraph 26-30

Day 4 Scripture Reading

Genesis       Ch 4        NAB      You Version

Psalms        Ch 4        NAB      You Version

Matthew     Ch 3       NAB       You Version

Catechism                 Paragraph 18-25